Cyber Dragon

Thy Dragon's touch is soft and fine .

My scales to thee I doth consine.

But here , we touch from Mind to Mind .

It is my "Lust" that thee shall find .

Where need meets need I'll have my fill !

My wings and claws in terror thrill ,

Yet I await thy coming still !

For we shall meet in times sweet mill .

For Dragons live forever dear ;

And I have waited through the year .

For all that time has found my tear ,

It is thine words that are my peer .

For in the darkness where I abide ;

From myself I can not hide .

For what I seek ; Be by my side !

Read thy runes and then decide .

For flames they rage within my breast ;

And be it "Wise" for thee to test !

For in thy trials I shall divest ,

It's oft been said "Dragons never rest !"

Now waits sweet wonder never fear ;

I touch thy form in space ; tis near ,

For if thee would ; Then come thee here !

And "Know" thy Dragon ! ; mortals mere .

copyright James D. Hayes Jr.

The Dragon