Welcome Everyone to this the Dedication page of this site . I decided to put this area in here because I am totally amazed at this site .  Also because I want you to know what  went into getting this page up and onto the net . It's been a year that we have been kicking around the idea of doing a web page and until it went up , I wasn't really sure that it was going to happen .  So With out further ado I'd like to make a few dedications.

     First and Foremost  ; This Page is Dedicated to Erik ; He volunteered to do this page a year ago and I  really didn't think he could do this "Great" a job . However It really is "Wonderful" and if you think so too ; then I think you should tell him .  He hounded me for a year to do this page and nearly drove me Crazy . While I am doing most of the Creative writing  Erik is doing everything that makes this site a site.  "So Thanks Erik !"

   Next I have to Dedicate this site to those of you who inspire me ; especially those who make me write silly things like "You Might be a Dragon if ." I think that most of you know that almost all of the things I come up with are based on things that actually happened at events.  So they make amusing stories and most of you graciously (Or not) allow me to tell them .

    Next ; I have to dedicate this to Jonas and Clan NightWolf . Their wonderful page compelled me to try and create a page that "We" the members of House Dragon and those who visit this site can be proud to say belongs to us . Jonas Helps to keep me young an fresh with new Ideas ; some of which I have tried and discarded , but may still have merit and many I have never thought of doing . There's nothing better than Creative stimulation to keep the mind sharp and active.

            Finally I dedicate this site to those who read it , to those who contribute to it and to all those who give me Honor by showing difference to me . Who bow to my will (Sometimes even when they know I'm Wrong) [Which never happens of course] who make it possible for me to do all the things that I do .  I hope that the rewards they get from this service equal the service they have given .

      Well "Thanks" everyone for reading this , and be sure to thank the people who made it possible ; Yourselves !
                Your Friend   -----------------------------------  James

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