Dragon's Graveyard

If You search long and hard
You may find , the "Dragon's Graveyard ".

I am a young Dragon just Learning to Fly
But here I know ; they come ; to die.

  As I watch them flying over-head
I know that soon ; they will be Dead.

They have come hoping to find "Eternal rest".
For they have lived  lives that were the Best.

  Once "We" were many ; Once "We" were strong ;
But now "We" are hunted , and chased all along .

  The Wisest of Dragon's was the first to fall.
Now may fate ; have mercy on "Us" All !

  Another ; Black and Gold Glistening Bright
Was Felled by a crossbow in the night.

  The Silver Dragon met a similar fate ;
Now my vengeance ; "It" shall not wait.

  I call on you now all of my Sire's
You are the penical to which I aspire .

  Please don't desert us ; Please don't go ;
I need to learn ; all that you Know !

  The Dragon's Bard with a pen of gold
This is a story he may have told.

  Still ; the  "Magic" may cling to this "Dream"
If  Honor, and Chivalry is the theme.

       by  Erik Paul Joramo   


                Niall  Logan

      assisted and edited by Lord James The Wise (The Dragon)