Greetings everyone :

                   Before you read the following article , I think that a bit of explanation is necessary . The following article makes a very powerful political statement . It basically begs for tolerance. It begs for your consideration . For isn't that what courtesy is ? to give some of your tolerance and consideration to another .  If you decide to read this article ; try to see both sides of it . All people have the right to be who they are . The right to be accepted for their contributions and no-one has the right to deny their contributions. If you now choose to read this article ; please accept it as it is written , it is the way I see the S.C.A.  and it is meant to make you think .  Some of you will agree with this , some will not , but weather you do or not , there is a double standard in the S.C.A. and many of us are not treated fairly . This article is not meant to offend anyone ; though I am sure that it will ; it is meant to let people know how deeply I feel about this subject and that everyone has feelings .


  Night Reflections

Have I ever told you ; " You can not be Quiet !" ? Yet , through-out the day and into the evening  you have constantly told me I can not be Loud . But being loud is my Life . Make a Joyous noise and celebrate life as I do ! Do not Chastise me or make excuses for me , I am just as loud during the day ; It is my nature ; it is who I am , and it does not bother me .

      Many of you do not like me because I am Loud and you are Quiet ; Yet I would do anything I could for you . You bring tears to my eyes and tare at my soul , for I cherish you as a friend and I grieve for your Loss . I wish I could take the anger from your heart , and welcome you into my world .

     My Mind awakens at the slightest noise . The merest whisper of a voice awakens me , and I dread the coming of the darkness , for I know that within it the void will engulf me. So I am the last to sleep and the first to awaken . As the dawn rises , I hear the voices of people who glorify in the morning , but do I complain ? ; Nay ; I but add my voice to thine and Revel in the moment  as we celebrate the coming of the Sun . What else am I to do ? For after all it is not your problem , and whose concern is it anyway , if the "Night people" have gotten any sleep ?

     I took a walk one night , just to celebrate life , for I come alive as the sun sets Along the way I met some friends . Together we rejoiced in the glory of the night .

        We tried to avoid the beaten path and detoured widely around the camp so as not to disturb it's occupants . I told a tale which caused my companions to ring with laughter and , though far away , disturbed your rest , and since my voice penetrated the night  and you had heard it earlier you knew whom to blame !

   You who are my Brothers , My Sisters , My Family  ;  My Friend I cherish you more than I can say . For you I have given all that I have ; all that I am . But I can be no less than I am . I am a "Loud Obnoxious Night Person " , that is your "Label" for me .  But still I love Thee ; Can you not accept me for who I am ? I have given all that I have to thee .  How much more can I give ? I made the armor that you wear , the food you ate , the chair you sit in , the garb you wear , the necklace around you neck , the refreshments you drink . I grew the herbs for your meal and dried them for your use . I made the candles that light your way , the incense that blows on the breeze ; I wrote the poem that made you cry . I drew the device you bare , I made the cloak you wear on your back . I wrote the newsletter you read this afternoon . I taught you to drum and dance . I sang and danced for you . I wrote the song you enjoyed . I juggled and entertained you . You had my complete generosity , my admiration and my attention ; but what you remember is the tale I told when you didn't wish to hear it , where my voice carried and screeched in your night .

         I do not know what more I have to give to you ; what must I do to be accepted by you ? To be as worthy of your respect as you are of mine ? You already have all that I am ; I have given you all that I have to give . What would you do for me ? Scream at me ! Chastise me ! Insult me ? I know that I anger you from time to time , as sometimes you anger me , but I get over it ; can't you ? How often do we share a moment together ? Can you not forgive me for my transgressions in the evenings , as I ignore yours in the mornings ?

     In the morning I do not get up and seek you out to complain , of course , "Night People" have no feelings or desires , we need no sleep and we can surely shoulder the blame for all the ills of the world. We add nothing to "Your Pleasure" and only serve to annoy and distract you from "Your Dream "  ! I wonder if it is the same "Dream" we all profess to believe in ? The one where Honor , Integrity and Chivalry is the theme by which we profess to live . The Dream we are trying to share with others by example.

    I know that you do not care for me ; I'm just that "Loud Obnoxious Night Person" . You constantly tell me to be quiet ; and deny me your respect and claim that I am not due the honors of someone who has made a contribution to this group .  Unless you need a loud voice to make an announcement then you have no reserve in "Using me" ! It seems that the only time I am of use is when I can be of service to you . Then you seek me out with great desire . When I told you that tale and you laughed ; I was a "Jolly good Fellow " But when I told it again that night , you knew whom to blame in the morning ; and you spared no reserve in seeking me out to receive a dose of your venom . When you partook of my generosity I was a "Fine Lad" , but when it continued into the night I was Not !

       Why is it that some people really enjoy this "Obnoxious Night Person " ? Surely you have no use for him . Yet he'd give you everything he has and it doesn't matter that you don't like him .  When you need him ; he'll probably be there.  In the mornings when that "Obnoxious Night Person " hasn't made a sound ; you revel at the break of day . You grab your shield and beat on your armor and the light has barely touched my tent . You yell and scream and complain loudly about that "Night Person"  You Revel in the Mornings as I Revel in the night , I stick my fingers in my ears , groan , and bury my head in my pillow for after all it's not your problem and I have no right to complain . For "Night people" have no rights or desires.

       What's really your problem ; is that "Loud Obnoxious Night Person " who makes noise late into the night  , and never stops to think of anyone else's feelings ,  who goes out of his way to accommodate you , who always camps in the "Loud Area" Who comes early to events to help set up and stays late to clean up . The same one who helped you with your tent yesterday , and shared the Mead with you that it took him months to make . Who freely gave all he had to give , and really feels that no-one cares , just because he lives at night .

                      Two Jays