House Dragon Revived and Revised


     Welcome everyone to the "New" House Dragon Web site ! Here you
might ask me several questions and I hope that I have answers for you
in the weeks to come. So the first question : "Why are we
reviving the House and the website now?" I might reply "
Because we can." But in reality there has been a lot of renewed
interest in "House Dragon" in the last two years. (This
year particularly)

    Since I left that other group I have not sought out people to be my close
friends and family, but in the last year I have had more than fifteen
people seek me out and ask "James can we be members of "House
Dragon?" Some of these people are from the group I used to
belong to. Many are not . For what ever reason they still want to be
a part of something I created. Many were offered the chance for
membership before we left and many of them I still consider to be
"Close Friends and Family". You don't abandon your family
just because you haven't seen them in eight years.

     So we are reconstructing the "House" in all it's Glory! If
you're still one of us, if you still believe what we stand for then
write to me and let me know ! I still love you all and hope that I
can find a way to spend more time with you in the future.

   We have not been idol in the last eight years. We have found new outlets
for our creativity! "You can not hold the "Dragon Down!"
Erik and I worked for a TV studio for two years. I was with the Great
Falls Literary Guild for two years and did all their video work. We
are currently attending several new events and I hope to tell you
about them soon. I will list two of them here. Oregon Country Fair
(Eugene Or.)and Miscon. (Missoula Mt.) [I will tell you more in
another article.] We hope you all will join us at these events , they
will change your life. 

  Well Thanks for reading

next we meet "May the Wisdom of The World Be Yours!"