A Strangers Journey

I stood my Horse in Forest ,

In much a strange array ,

Now startled as I wandered ,

Through the Visions of the Day .

Now Strange have I been ,

In many a stranger Land ,

But never quiet as Strange ;

As I stumbled on that Band !!

The Forest it did waver ,

My Vision began to Blur ,

Pavilions , Knights , and Tourney ,

From that Forest did Emerge .

With cup and bowl I seated ,

Around a blazing Fire .

Their song and Dance Entreated ,

And my Heart it did inspire .

I was Dressed in Finery ,

A Drum placed in my Hand ,

And soon I knew my Station ,

There amongst that Dancing Band .

For there amongst the Strangeness ,

I had Found a Place ,

Where I could rest my Soul ,

For a Brief and Glorious Space .

For Strange as I Had wandered ,

I was greeted by a Friend .

For once Someone Else ;

I would never Be , Again !!!

copyright James D. Hayes Jr.

A.K.A. The Dragon

A.K.A. James The Wise