Definitions of Chivalry

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Friends ; call this a Morality page if you will . Sadly it seems that the education of many people is terribly flawed . I say this because while they , profess to believe in Honor and Chivalry ; it is quite apparent that these terms are only "Words" to them ; most people have never incorporated these concepts into their own beliefs .
Now Please ; do not take these thoughts to be personal attacks , I ask only that you evaluate the information and see how it compares with your own thoughts on Honor and Chivalry . Read this as a "Handbook" or a "Learning Tool" This article is not just the mere definitions of the words but also some thoughts as to how these concepts should be enacted.
First we'll start with a list of words :
Honor , Duty , Chivalry , Courtesy , Justice , Truth , Respect , Integrity , Courage ,Temperance , Prudence ,Obligation ,Friendship , Generosity , Assisting those in Need , and Standing up for what we believe in and for those who can not stand up for themselves.
Honor : A keen sense of right and wrong ; adherence to actions or principles considered "right" ; integrity . Honor can also be ; high regard or great respect given , received or enjoyed .
In my opinion , honor is a combination of both . It's how you act and who you are . It's the commitments you give and the ones you keep ( Which should be all of them if at all possible.) . As a Trader or Barterer ; "My Word is My Bond " When I say I'll do something you can count on the fact that the next time you see me I'll have completed my part of the Deal . This is Honor !
I try to never let people down and if I do there is probably a very good reason for it. Your Word is your Contract and "A Deal is A Deal" ! That's the way Trading works , it's basically an oral Contract and once a Deal is made the Deal can not be changed unless both parties agree to the change. If they do not agree the Deal "Stands" as originally agreed upon . This is both Legal and "Right !" 
Perhaps the most important thing about being a Trader is "The Game" In any trade both Parties should come out feeling like ; "They got a Good Deal" That's Honor ! That's how I feel Honor should be , if you've given your word , to break it is Dishonorable ; even if you feel you only gave it in passing . Here's a prime example if you say offhandedly "Oh Yeah Sure you can do that " weather you know it or not , that is your word and you should be prepared to stand behind it or stand up for it.
Once a Deal is made you Have a Commitment to Complete it or you lose Honor . To be Honorable , you must also know when to do the "Right " thing . To stand up for your Friends or your principles when they are "Right" is Honorable . To stand with them when they are acting "Disgracefully " or in a way contrary to what is true or Just is not Honorable .
Duty : Conduct resulting from a sense of justice or morality ; a sense or feeling of obligation , any action necessary to uphold ones Honor.
Here again , Duty calls you to do what's "Right" . To stand up for what you believe in . However the same Duty also calls for you to stand with those who have Integrity.
Chivalry : The Demonstration of any Knightly qualities ; such as : Courage , Nobility , Fairness , Courtesy , Honor , Duty , Integrity ,Willingness to defend the weak and the poor as well as the just .
In one sense Chivalry is the Willingness of an individual to "Do What is Right" Many times this means standing up to people who are of a greater rank than yourself . Or standing beside someone who is unable to stand by himself.
Courtesy : To do someone a Favor , to show your approval , to allow another to carry out their actions with your consent or without objections ,to show understanding of another 's condition. Gracious politeness , to be considerate of another.
In other words , to show difference to another , to help when you can , to be polite . It is uncourteous and impolite for you or anyone to judge another' s courtesy based solely on what you believe you should have received . Take Courtesy as it is given , not by what you can demand !
Justice: Impartiality , Fairness ,the quality of being right or correct . To do what is "Right or Valid " Unfortunately I see to much Prejudice , rather than Justice in our world. People are too willing to "Make things up " rather than to discover the facts. To know the circumstances and the facts is to be "Just" To try and see around your own prejudice and to "Do the right thing " regardless of how you feel personally .
Truth : The Quality or state of being true ; sincerity , genuineness ,honesty , to be in accordance with experience , facts , or reality .
One can not have truth if one does not have the facts , it can not be made up as you go along. Finally there can not be one truth for the "Political Machine " and another for the masses .
Respect : To feel or show , honor or esteem for another , to consider or treat with deference or courtesy .
Respect ; in order to receive respect you must be an honorable person , you must have integrity , and know what is right and true. If you expect to receive respect from another you must give them the respect due them . When you decide I am not worthy of your respect , then I can not give you the respect you believe you deserve , because in my eyes you are dishonorable and how can I respect someone who would not honor the principles they profess to believe in ?
By talking behind someone's back and accusing them without all the facts , by refusing to bring it to them or to give them the benefit of the doubt ( One is innocent until "Proven " Guilty ) you offer them no respect. This is not an appropriate way to act.
Integrity : The Quality of being of sound moral principle , uprightness , honesty , and sincerity .
Here again ; "To do the Right Thing " to stand up for not only what you believe in but for what is Just . To have Standards which you truly believe you can live up to . Regardless of prejudice or hatred or evil intent on your part .
Here's an example of what I think Integrity , Honor ,Duty , Justice and Respect , should be or do . You may dislike someone in this group ; but to me this group is "Family " . You would not throw your Family out . No matter what happened most people would try to help their family in times of need because that's what family does . They don't try to get people arrested , they don't black mail them , they don't intimidate them , They don't psychically beat them , they try to help them even if they don't like them .
This is what I believe you should do in the House of Dragon , it's what's Honorable . If someone you don't like needs help and you are the only one who can give it , you offer your help . (I know I've done it !)If someone is up for an award whom you don't like ; but if they deserve it , you sign the petition or you write a letter giving your support , because they deserve it ; you may not like them , but that is the Honorable thing to do when you know in your heart that they have made a contribution .
Courage : To find within yourself the strength to do the right thing , to perceiver even in the face of adversity . To face unconquerable odds , to find the ability within yourself to deal with whatever danger confronts you even when you tremble in fear before it .
When all others say you are "Wrong" yet you know it isn't right. To face those others and defend what you must to keep your own Honor. Do not let fear stand in your way , in most cases you will win or you will loose but you will have stood up for what you believed in and when you stand for what is right , you will soon find that others stand beside you !  


Temperance : Self restraint in conduct , expression , indulgence . "All things in Moderation . "
Practice self restraint or self control where it is appropriate . If you are able to do this at all times , you will be looked upon as "The Wisest of men" but few can do this , still try to give everyone "The benefit of the doubt " Give them the chance to explain . Give them the opportunity to do the right thing. Try to find out the facts personally . Never accept what someone else says is true unless you have confirmed it yourself. Never spread rumors ; for most likely they are not true. Never condemn others on what you heard from someone who heard from someone who heard from someone. This is not only "Ridiculous" but can seriously harm others and eventually will come back in your face.
Prudence : The Quality of exercising sound judgment in practical matters ; cautious or discreet in conduct , sensible ; not rash .
What I see more and more in many groups, is not sensible , it's not prudent ; it's pure "Vindictiveness" . People don't let things go and they don't straighten them out . Most are out to "Show" someone . To Prove they are "Better" than another by shear force of will rather than by their Chivalrous actions. Rather than helping others ; most are just out to see what they can get for themselves by walking over others.
Where is the Brother Hood ; Where is Friendship ; where is the Joy of imparting knowledge to others ? This is what I think groups should be based upon .
Friendship : To be supportive or sympathetic of one you know well or of whom you are fond. To bond with an intimate acquaintance . To show allegiance to those you care about .
When you have a Friend ; you have an "Obligation " , a responsibility to act in ways that a friend would act . To help when you can , to provide support and assistance .
Obligation : A contract , promise or Moral responsibility
As you may have begun to see ; all these concepts are related They have to do with Justice and Righteousness . They represent a "Code of Ethics" they are ways to act and behave . A Good rule of thumb is and always has been "Do unto others as you would have done unto you " "Give what you can for some day you may need a gift too ."
Generosity : Nobility of mind , magnanimous ; willingness to give or share , being unselfish .
Generosity is simply sharing with those who would share with you and sometimes those who wouldn't ; to know that you have more than enough , to be able to touch someone else's reality by a small token that may mean much to them . To give what you can.
Well I think I have covered everything . Helping others and standing up for what you believe in ? ; well that's what this whole thing has been about . I hope these concepts have some meaning for you . I hope that perhaps you've seen a little more of the type of group that you should belong to. Let's make the groups that we are in "What they Should be!"
Thanks For Listening