Welcome Everyone!

  This is the beginning of the House Dragon device . Here in this Article I will
                    describe the Device and it's meaning .

              The House Dragon device is ; a Red Dragon Combatant ( in other
    words it has only one foot on the ground and looks kind of like a Horse
  rearing up for a fight) Dragons must have four legs and two horns ; else wise
  they are not really Dragons. The Dragon is Armed ; it has fangs and claws .
  Also the House Dragon ; Dragon , has a knowed tail ( in other words it has a
  kind of a circular knot in the tail .) and it points upward .The Dragon is (as
 you face it ) facing to the left .[But if you were behind it ; it would face to the
 Right !] {Or Dexter} The Field is Black ( in other words the back ground) and
  it is covered with six armed ( or pointed)yellow suns [These arms are rayony;
  in other words kind of wavy] and they are all over the field in such a manner
     as to look like the field is about half yellow and half black . This field
 treatment is called seamy and is quite appropriate to the middle ages ( even if
 the S.C.A. no longer recognizes it.) Since I joined the S.C.A. before the change
 in the rule I do not feel obliged to follow it in as much as it does not conform
  to the middle ages and that is the reason I joined the S.C.A. (To reenact the
    middle ages ; not to make changes based on arbitrary decisions made by
                  politically powerful people in the S.C.A. )

     In case you are wondering about this Device and why it was chosen : the
   Dragon ; represents the clan of the Dragon ; our House ;our strength our
   totem . It's combatant posture shows our willingness to fight for what we
   believe in ; to stand up for our friends and our House. the knot in it's tail
 represents our ties to our friends and commitments. The horns on the Dragon
   and it's talons represent the fact that we go armed and are ready to defend
                        both ourselves and our House.

    The color Red of the Dragon represents the Blood of the Dragon ; the bond
    formed between us . Friendship ; "Blood" is everything to us ! Thus the
              Dragon overlays everything and holds it together.

     The black field represents ; Darkness ,loneliness ,loss and infinity . We must
     all find our way through this tragic world ; we do so in darkness never
   knowing where we go or where we will end. It is the night that "Our Day "
                                must reveal !

      The Suns represent ; The conquest of darkness . The spread of light and the
 expansion of this house into infinity . The fact that they cover the field , shows
 how our House covers the darkness ! We Spread Joy and Light where ever we
                         go. "Make a Joyous noise !"

      The abundance of Stars represent our House members , the waving open
 arms show warmth , friendship and love and indicate both "Welcome" and the
     openness of this house. The Six arms represent a Sixth column ; a new
beginning . A group of people arising from the center of another group even as
                       the Phoenix rises from the ashes.

                    I think the device as a whole is Awesome !

        Until Next We Meet ; "May The Wisdom of The World be yours !"



                  Did you Stare Really hard at the Picture?