A Dragons Code Of Honor

[ A Dragon's Dozen]
       {Dragons never could count.}
(The Sacred commandments of the Dragon)

1. I shall sing and dance and drum and party with wild abandon.
2. I shall endeavor to help my fellow household members whenever possible.
3. I shall hold the trust and honor of my Household most sacred.
4. I shall stand up for my principles even though it cost me political esteem.
5. I shall cherish my Household members as Brothers and Sisters.
6. I shall defend the Honor of my Household members when their cause is just .
7. I Shall share in the work and duties of my House.
8. I shall use my talents to create and thereby enrich both myself and my house.
9. Whenever possible I shall try to understand the needs of my fellow household  members. I shall never ask more of others than I give of Myself.
10. I shall never borrow the possessions of another household member without knowing that I have their permission.
11. I shall try to show restraint and ask for the council of my House and go out of my way to appease others as long as they act with Honor and Chivalry .
12. Under no circumstances shall I betray my House to the treachery of others.
13. I shall always bear in mind that This house was created through the joys of Friendship , Sharing , Love and Hospitality and always endeavor to carry on these "Proud " Traditions.

Dear Friends : These commandments are not written in "Stone" . ( As you can see , now , they are written electronically.) They are meant more as guide lines , suggestions for having a wonderful time with House Dragon . They are the things that I expect of myself and not necessarily of you. They are thoughts that I share with you so that you may understand my own outlook on life.

  Thank You

             Your Friend