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The Elfin King


I sit upon a Spell bound  throne
Matched wits with Dragons on my own
And fought the perils of the unknown
I've reaped the visions of all I've sown

  I am the endowment of portentous things
With which the ancient hallways ring 
A Heady Mead which fortune brings
And holds a treasure beyond all things

  I 've touched the hands of mortals mere
But tis my touch that they must fear

For in that touch everything that's near
Must surely change and disappear

  For I am a dream that thee must see
But when you do change comes to thee
Then hold thee tight to One as me
And Know thy magic I give to Thee

  And in that binding moment there
As enchantments fill you everywhere
There is no return to castlemere
For wondrous Maidens sweet and fair

  James D. Hayes Jr.

   A.K.A. James The Wise

      A.K.A. The Dragon             April 23 /95

Copyright James D. Hayes Jr. April 95