The Order of the Fork

Well my friends this is somewhat of a history lesson . In February of 1986 I had my first physical contact with the S.C.A. a group for which I had been searching almost ten years . However the S.C.A. was not even established in Montana until 1982 ( I believe ; which was Braunshelm ) the shire where I live was established a year later in 1983 . So while I had seen and heard of the S.C.A. on PBS in 1977 it wasn't until December of 1985 that I actually found an ad in our local paper for the group ; however the ad was worded so strangely that I didn't even realize that it was an advertisement for the S.C.A. It was over a month before I actually managed to contact someone at the number that was given and at that time there was a great deal of concern about "Allowing Crazies into the S.C.A. " So when I went to meet with the people I wasn't even told that it was the S.C.A. I met with two of the local members ; Lady Angelica and (then)Lord Pawel , they seemed very excited that I was already an accomplished juggler , brewer and sausage maker and invited me to come to a fighter Practice .(Just the thing ; A Brewer coming to a fighter practice.)

At that time I was doing a lot of traveling around the state and I seldom had much time to spare so it was almost two months before I tried to get to a fighter practice and when I did there was no-one there . I got to the park about half an hour after it was supposed to start , but it was still April in Montana ( which is many times still winter) so it was kind of cold and nobody was around . But the Knight Marshal was suppose to live right across from the park (His name was M'Lord David and he just happened to be Lady Angelica's husband ) so I thought I'd see if anyone was home . Or if everyone had gone inside . When I got there I walked up to the apartment door and listened , I heard nothing ,So I thought , obviously I must have the wrong address so I started to walk away ( I felt like I would look foolish if it was the wrong door ) , but after a few steps , I thought "What the heck , you only live once "( After all who am I to worry about looking foolish ? LOL ) So I went to the door and knocked . After a few minutes David came to the door and since I had never met him I thought I was at the wrong address , but just at that moment Lady Angelica stepped out from behind him and greeted me . It turned out that no-one had showed up for the fighter practice since it was so cold that day .

The two of them set me down and gave me the "You ought to be in the S.C.A. " Speech ; accept for one minor detail and that was ; they didn't tell me it was the S.C.A. ; the kept referring to it as "The Medieval Group " Well after an hour I told them I was interested ; but I still didn't know it was the S.C.A. ( Which ; as I remind you; I had been looking for ) The two of them invited me to an event in May which was the last "Artemisian Championship "

That was almost 13 Years ago . It was my first event and it was a good one ! I met many people there : Louie the Letch , Lord Caradoes and his lady (Talamar ?),Sir Tom De Bohand , Baron Edward and his Mistress Zahara , Not yet Duke Brion of Tarragon , Lady Taliesen , Lady Margaret Blaksley , Lord Pawel and Lady Angelica were there as was Squire David , Aeowin ( Now known as Umatori ) Lady Dierdra and her daughter Tamaril , Lord Gere' (Pronounced Gera)The Man Mountain and many others ; but perhaps the most important to me ; I met William of Ruin and I discovered that this group was the S.C.A. I became an officer of this shire at that event ("Herald") and I sent my membership in the next day . However while I was at the event I heard about Households and that Brion of Tarragon had one and I determined that day to Start a Household and I went and got William of Ruin ( Who liked to Drink ) and I asked him to be the first member of House Dragon , he accepted and we started House Dragon .

Three months later we had our first House event this was called "The House of Dragon Wild Game Feast " And William was there (I have pictures I can prove it !) [Asguard was so hungry he was eating his garb] We served all wild game which I had hunted , killed and butchered myself . We had a contest to see who could name the most foods and in the three years that the event was held ; out of a minimum of 15 dishes the most ever guessed correctly was eight . I don't remember who won that night , if I looked at the pictures I might , however what's important is, that at the end of the Feast ,Lady Angelica and her Husband David Awarded me the "Order of the Fork " Thus Making James the Wise the First person in House Dragon to receive the prestigious Award of the "Order of The Fork" This was in August of 1986 .

Time passed , much time passed and the House of Dragon grew in 1995 we numbered 50 which is not to say we didn't have our trials and tribulations . Our House grew from two to Twenty and then broke apart in a terrible turmoil . In 1988 I lost all my House members accept for myself and William of Ruin , but we struggled on and finally after ten years we had surpassed our previous glory and we printed our first news letter on April 15 , 1995 . In that newsletter I suggested that once again we should present the prestigious award of "The Order of the Fork" , an award given for cooking excellence above and beyond that of ordinary men . I had several people in mind for this award , but at that time we had no medallions .

Before I could ever give out the award another turmoil developed in House Dragon . Three more years passed and I acquired some beautiful rosewood and brass forks and at Estrella XIV (Fourteen) I made the first House Dragon Premier of the Order Of The Fork and I chose Vladimir for his wonderful cooking and service to House Dragon .

This Year at Estrella we made two more Forks : Angus my Long time Friend (and a wonderful Cook) and Bjorn who has helped so much with meals at Estrella war for the last three years. Without these people I couldn't run a kitchen at War. They are wonderful ! They are Gourmet cooks who can take charge and make anything into a meal of delight !

There are certain honorariums that come with these titles . These cooks are entitled to say : "Fork Off !" "Stab me with a Fork I think I'm Done" "Fork You !" , "Fork Me !" "Fork Off and Die " and any others you can think of ; when you see your forks at events we ask that you join in this revelry of the Fork . Each new Fork is asked to create a new Fork saying for the House of Dragon to add to our History of "Fork Lore ."

However I don't remember who has created what so if someone could give me some Fork knowledge I could perhaps compile a list . Or just remind me "That the Fork Stops Here !"

Well I hope you all enjoyed a look into History of the House of Dragon

Thanks Forks

                                      Later Days