Greetings One and All !

Welcome :

To the "New" production of the House of Dragon Web Page ! Here you will find many things . Hopefully you will find "Friends" . That's what House Dragon strives for above all else is Friendship . That's why we do the things that we do . Here you'll find Dragons Frolicking in all manor of "Play". You'll find our allies and Our friends. You'll find our ethics and our morals ( or lack there of ) You'll find our spiritual beliefs as well as our philosophy. We believe that if you are here you are meant to be here , and those who are not , will soon disappear.

So ; "Who are We" You Might ask , ( I'm glad you did or there would be no point to this part of the page) And I Might Reply "Here Be Dragons" however on an explanatory note ; We are a group that originated in the S.C.A. , but we have far surpassed that group. We no longer wish to have anything to do with them or their political policies. We are a group of people dedicated to our friends and the concept of having "Fun"

A Household is a group of people with similar interests who band together to enjoy each others company . We are people who have similar beliefs (or different) and come together when we can at events to escape from mundane reality. We each bring a piece of what we believe in to share with our friends

We believe in Honor , Chivalry , Duty , Courtesy , Justice , Respect , Courage ,Friendship , and Generosity . These are not just "Words" these are concepts to "Live By" .

I also wish to stress here , that we ; "The House Of Dragon" Exist to "have Fun" That is what we do and we do that very well . People come to the House Of Dragon to Have Fun and we seldom disappoint them and they stay because of what they have found !

We are composed of a variety of people ; we are the "Party" people . We are mostly Artisans of one type or another ; we have Dancers , Drummers , Cooks , Brewers , Poets , wood workers , illustrators , authors , outdoors men , musicians , garb makers , herbalists , carpenters and masons , Bards and song writers , Hunters and gathers , Traders and store keepers , we encompass all aspects of life. But mostly our members fall into Five categories ; those of : Brewers , Drummers , Dancers , Cooks , or just plan old "Friends" who like to drink and have a good time.

We no longer recognize the authority of any group to restrain us, or interfere with our rights to enjoy ourselves and our friends. This is a new Age and it's time for a change ! So Once Again ; Welcome ! To the "New" "House of Dragon" Web Page .


Friend and Guide

James The Wise


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