In this world we must deal with Death as well as Life . In my thirteen years in the S.C.A. I have lost three friends . Gene ; who died of Cancer , Errand ; who couldn't find the right Path in our World and Most recently Mark .

Marcus Working Hard or Hardly Working?
Erran Kicking it up at a party
Our Good Friend Gene

 In the S.C.A. he was known as "Markus" and while he had faults ( as do we all ) he was first and foremost a "Friend" On March ninth of 1999, Mark was stabbed to death In Houston Texas . Some of you may have known Mark ; many I'm sure did not .  Mark was only twenty - Five . He attended the last Sultans Feast and was at Thirty Year celebration . Mark had a "Great" sense of Humor . He was fun to be around and was extremely loyal to his friends.

He Loved to Drink Mead and play the dumbec . ( Imagine that ) For Years I had a double headed dumbec that he always wanted and it was his favorite drum to play . I wish I had given it to him . Mark had many piercings and was always dressing a little strange. He was in to that kind of thing .

Mark would stand up for his friends , when they needed him and would never back down from anyone even if he knew he was going to loose. I can't help but wonder if that's what got him killed. The last couple of years he had been traveling with the carnival and we hadn't seen much of him.

The things that I remember about Mark are : He liked to drink Mead , (Of course) his favorite Mead was Licorice and I would make it sometimes just for him . He was the type of person who was very accepting and someone you could tell your deepest darkest secrets to and know that he would never tell them to another soul . He cultivated relationships with all types of people and loved to have a "Good Time" . He was your typical Hedonist . He had a beautiful voice and he loved to sing . His favorite song was "Lord of the Dance" and when he would sing that song he would do a little dance that was kind of like an Irish jig . ( I know I could never duplicate it even if I tried . ) He reveled in all things ; but most of all he knew "How to make a Joyous Noise !"

Mark Loved to fish . ( Although I never saw him catch one . In all the times that we went ; the only thing I ever saw him catch was a Crawdad .) He went with me and Eric whenever he had the chance . When we finished fishing the three of us would sit on the tailgate and drink Mead and watch the stars . Sometimes we'd stay over night .

I asked Mark to be a member of House Dragon ; but he told me this " James until I can do my own brewing and actually have a batch of my own going ; I can't be a House Dragon Member . " I accepted this and told him that the offer would always be "open" ; But Mark was always a Member of this House ; Just as many of you are now even if you don't wear the medallion . Because House Dragon is based on participation , and if someone comes to House functions and celebrates with the House Of Dragon ; then they are one of our family . For without people who wander into our camp , who come just to be with us we would never have new members and without those people the legend of House Dragon would soon fade and die .

Mark was all that and More ! Mark Was my Friend , and one can never have too many of those ; especially those who are Loyal , Exciting and Vibrant . For Those of you who didn't know Mark ; remind me to tell you of our adventure at Thirty Year Celebration . For remember ; as Long as our friends live in our memories ; "They Still Live ! " and they make a difference in our lives and those who we remember after they have gone ; are truly the best of Friends .

I Raise my glass to my friend Markus and I know he has just gone ahead of us to tell the Gods that he's found fine Mead and someday we'll all have a toast together. "I Miss you My Friend ; and I wish we could drink that toast now . "

This has been written in memory of Mark Elwess ; I hope some of you remember him.

               Please continue reading folks , I have decided to Post this Addition to my original post , so that I could tell you all more about my other two friends who have passed on.

After reading a Post in the Guest book I thought I would expand the memorial page. I realized , though I had mentioned both Gene and Errand , I never actually said too much about them . Perhaps that is because  it is very painful for me to talk about friends who I really Loved. Yet I think that they need to be mentioned as much as Mark was ; so without further ado I’d like to tell you all about Errand and Gene ; at least what I remember , for I know that each person remembers something different , but I hope this article will encourage all of you to “Remember” anyone else that you may have lost in this group we call ‘Family”.

    I’m going to start with Erran ; Erran was a very “Funny” person, he always had a joke and he had a great laugh. I’m not sure what his favorite “drink”was , but I do know he was very fond of fine Whisky and he really enjoyed Drambuie. In case some of you don’t know ; Drambuie is a very expensive Licquer that has a Whisky base ; (it tastes a lot like a Tom and Jerry).

  He loved to play music on a variety of instruments and was one of my Dearest  friends when I lived in Salt Lake. His favorite movie was “The Rocky Horror Picture Show and a whole group of us would go over to his house to watch it about once a month. We would Drink Drambuie and and sing and dance ; Erran loved to sing. I have a tape he made just before he died with many of his favorite songs on it ; and while I’m not sure it was his favorite ; I know he really loved “Flower of The Desert” I remember things like that , the songs that people like the drinks that they drink.

   Erran came to our New Years eve party in Salt Lake a few months before he died ; we all had a great time ; we danced , we drank , sang.  He loved to play music and played a variety of instruments. ( I can’t tell you right off hand what they were , because that’s not the type of things I remember , I just know he did .) He was a “Great” actor and he had more friends than he knew.

  He knew I was his friend , one of the last conversations we had was about the times we had enjoyed together . I told him “ Erran ; you’re one of the people I have enjoyed the most since I moved to Salt Lake “ And he said “ Thank You James ; I really enjoy your company too!”

    He loved to play board games and me , Grealeaf and Angus would go over there about once a month and play and drink . It was a strange game and I never really got the hang of it. ( Probably because I was drinking too much) However it was still fun just to get together .  I remember fond times around the came fire with Erran at Estrealla War ; ask me to tell that story.
Erran was my friend and I think of him often . Sleep Well My Friend.

   I’d Also like to Remember Gene Starr in this article. Gene was a wonderful witty person who had a Great Sense of humor . I don’t know as much about Gene as I do the other two ; for I never spent as much time with him , When I saw him I enjoyed his company .

   His Favorite Mead was Pineapple and he was always begging me to make it for him and I did on a number of Occasions. We were standing in a parking lot in Idaho one Saturday and I had about twelve bottles of Mead for him . We were transferring it from my truck to Gene’s car and I said ; “Gene ; you’ve really got to try this Mead before you leave.” And since I had a few extra bottles with me I dug one out and started to open it. ( Which pleased Gene Greatly) But Dave suddenly said ; “You can’t do that ; we’re in a parking lot !” Now being from Montana I never really gave this much thought and said as much.  “ Dave ; We’re in Idaho not Utah” Gene and I laughed and we opened the bottle and drank about half of it . ( Dave wouldn’t take a drink) we both kept laughing and drinking ; Gene thought it was Great !

   The last time I saw Gene was at Uprising by Blacktail Idaho . At the Hot springs ; we Played a Great Joke on Dave and as I remember it Azir and Rich were both there too . I shouldn’t tell this story on the net so you all should ask me when you see me. Anyway Gene was a “ Great Guy” and I only wish I had t to spend more time with him before Cancer struck him down . Like your name Gene ; You were always a “Starr” and that’s How I think of you . I look at the night Sky and I think of Gene ; my friend ; another “Starr” in the    Sky.

  I hope this article makes you all think of people you have lost of friends you haven’t seen and that you take to the time to let them know how you feel , if you can ; while you can.




Thank You All for taking the time to read this .