You Might Be A Dragon If:

1. When you drink Alcohol flames come out your nostrils.

2. Every time you sneeze you set your roof on fire.

3. You’re best friends names are : Ash , Cinder , and Toast.

4, In the middle of the night you have the urge to beat Drums and Juggle fire .

5. You’re favorite stories all have something to do with a Viking named Danu .

6. When you drink your Friends “Accidentally “ catch on fire.

7. A Barbarian is something you find in your Cup.

8. You have a larger variety of Alcohol than you can find in any Liqueur store .

9. You’d rather “Eat” torches than blow them out.

10. Your favorite pass time is singing and dancing  ; Half naked around a Campfire while breathing fire .

11. The “Order of the Flaming Dragon “ is an indication of the number of times you’ve accidentally been lit on fire .

12. When you go camping , your camp is filled with 200 half clad men and women drinking Mead and screaming “Take it Off !”

13. “White Gas” is a chaser that goes with a campfire.

14. When you hear drums you have the uncontrollable urge to take your clothes off and dance.

15. You’re idea of ”A Hot Time Tonight” is setting your tent on fire.

16. People ask you “What happened to your Mustache?” Until they see you “Exhale”.

17. When you “Burp” people yell “Fire Extinguisher!”

18. You’ve accidentally lit the owner of the site on fire.

19. Every time you get next to a can of Gasoline your Friends all yell ; “DUCK !”

20. You sometimes drink enough Mead that “Nothing matters “.

21. While at work your coworkers find you playing strange drum rhythms on your desk .

22. All your Friends like to Play with Scimitars .

23. There are dozens of half clad men and women dancing around your camp fire and you’re more interested in learning a new Drum Rhythm.

24. Court is a "Beautiful Flower that smells Bad and leaves a terrible after taste in your Mouth ".

25. You've started a new "Craze" ; making "Mud Angles".

26. In a Daze ; You've left half your stuff at a camp site and hope that one of your House Members has found it .

27. In the middle  of  Drumming and Dancing ; you stumble into a time warp and start doing the "Limbo" .

28. Your friends legs are hairier than 'Sheep!"

29. Half your camp has come down with a mysterious "Plaque" at an event and lie stupefied all over the ground or in chairs around your camp .

30. The stories you tell of your trip to War are Stranger that Fiction ; astounding but True and highly amusing to others ; even ; if not to yourself .

31. You've fallen and you can't find your cup !

32 . In the middle of Eight thousand people , in the middle of nowhere , with no police around , you get arrested .

33. You actually know who or what a "Desert Yeti " Is .

34. You keep drunkenly stumbling into the same camp over and over and finally realize ; "It's your own camp"

35. You find yourself suddenly blindfolded and taking something called "The Blind Mead Test" .

36. You know the "First" name of the God Baccus .

37. You've had more blowing in the breeze than just your "Kilt" .

38. You covet the award of the infamous order of the "Fork" .

39. You've taken the dirt out of the fire pit .

40. While taking the 'Blind Mead Test " you truly believe "This one is really 'Sweet' and this one is really 'Dry" .

41. On your way to an event ; you've been off the road more times than you were on it .

42. You chase a Belly Dancer almost a mile across a park to try and get your friend ; who's a Drummer ; a date , only to find that she doesn't believe you .

43. You know that your failure to recognize people in the daylight , is in direct proportion to how much you drank last night .

44. You know what it might have felt like to be a member of the "Donner Party" .

45. When you "Fly" you really do get off the road !

46. You really enjoy being in the ditch , because it's safer than the road.

47. Your friends are all experienced at "Sleep Driving" .

48.Your friends have convinced you that "Water is Beer".

49. You know what "A Streak in the Dawns Early Light " really means .

50 You've accidentally thrown a lit torch under a ladies dress ; and exclaimed "I didn't know she could jump that high !"

51. Your cup is Defective because it has a Hole in the top !

52. All your Friends are almost as “Crazy” as you are!

 ( Note these observations are just for “Fun” please do not take offense at anything printed on this web site .)