What Would You Do ?

Well ; I hope that tittle caught your interest . If you're enjoying the House Dragon Web Page , here's your chance to make a contribution . We in House Dragon are sincerely interested in your opinions (No; we're not just saying that and we won't put you on hold ) , So if you'd like to see something on this page , or you have an Idea that you think is "Great!" ; Just Drop Us A Line !

     If it sounds good to us and seems like something that would fit in with the House Dragon Web page ; we'll see what we can do to put something up . If you have something to submit to the House Dragon Page ; first make sure that it is not copyrighted material or that it is your own original work  (I'm much more likely to accept this type of material from House Dragon Members ) and send me a copy of it in file form in either a "Works for Windows " file or in a "Word " document . Our  E - Mail address is below .

   Thanks Everyone for your interest and tell other people about this page ; we're striving to make it the best that we can !




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