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   Welcome to another entry into the House Dragon Song Book. This song was written by my good Friend Rathflaed ; many of you have copies of his tapes and if you donít and would like some ; there is a link from our page to his .  At any rate Rathflaed wrote this song for me ( Which I absolutely love ) I hope you all like it as much as I do , I got permission to place this on the net from Rathflead at Estrella War but we have had no access to this site since we got back .

   We finally had to move the site as many of you have noticed . we also are having to change the guest book again because we canít imput anything into this one , so be patient everyone weíll get the  bugs worked out as soon as possible . I hope you all enjoy the song ( Itís in the song book we take to events now ; so weíll be singing it.)



The Wise Dragon
                                                                           by:  Rathflaed DuNoir
                                                                           The Black Bard of Meridies, MSoB
                                                                            mka Stephen R Melvin Nov.19/ 98

Am          F       G      Am
Once there was a Dragon in the mighty days of old,
          F          G      Am
Who took upon the form of the Sidhe, (Pronounced She)
         F         G  Am       G Am
He wooed the Elf-king's daughter to take her as his wife,
         Am       G           Am
And give to her a son - by prophecy.

Now the Evil came to take the son as it had been foretold,
So they placed him in the shape of a man.
His memories were humankind's his hopes and dreams were not,
For he knew that one day he would make a stand!

    Am     F     G       Am
And the Wise Dragon took the field against the world,
     Am     G    Am
And the world met the Dragon on the field,
 F       G          Am  G       Am
With honor as his tooth and claw, integrity his flame,
         Am    G            Am    G Am
The Wise Dragon swore that he would never yield!

As the Dragon came to be a man, he set upon his path,
For he knew that Evil hunted for his soul,
His path he knew he'd walk alone, though a few came to his call,
But in the world of men he never would be whole.

He mastered all the crafts he saw though early in his years,
For still the Shadows tried to draw him out.
But the battle that he knew he'd fight was not of fire and sword,
For the weapons of his foes were fear and doubt!


Now there's many ways to fight a foe who fights with sword and shield,
Or even brings to bear his feet and hands.
But how to fight a hidden war of shattered oaths and tears,
When the Evil's shadow spreads and fills the land?

The Dragon he thought long and hard and many routes he tried,
Like rage to make his foes run forth and hide,
Or controlling others' words and deeds to make them walk his path,
But none Worked well until he met his guide

Now he knows the path that he must take and his friends and family too,
And the wizard's teaching it is only half,
To make the Shadows run and fly a silly soul it takes,
And the Drums and Dance - but most of all the laugh!


He gathers those around him who walks the path alone
He calls them his and gives to them a home.
But in spite of those who walk with him, the Dragon has a curse,
Heís the only one who walks the path he roams

But always you'll be welcome where you hear the dancing drums,
And the party that they say will never end,
But ask the Dragon for his teaching, or ask him for a drink,
And you'll become the House of Dragon's friend!

And the Wise Dragon takes the field against the world,
And the world meets the Dragon on the field,
With honor as his tooth and claw, integrity his flame,
The Wise Dragon swears that he will never yield!